Windows Amazon EC2 tutorial: How to set up an EC2 instance

My article “Linux Amazon EC2 tutorial: How to set up an EC2 instance” shows you how to set up Amazon Web Services’ compute service if you use Linux (specifically, Ubuntu Linux). But what if you are a Microsoft Windows shop? That’s what this article explains.

As long as you use a small instance size and haven’t already signed up, you can try EC2 for free. Not all of the instance types (which vary by processor and memory) and storage sizes are free, but the UI guides you on what is and isn’t free. If you haven’t signed up, do that now.

(For a deeper primer on EC2, check out Sean Hall’s EC2 tutorial at InfoWorld from 2012, but note he’s doing things the command-line way, whereas today you can do things the graphical way, as this post shows. Still, if you want to know what Route 53 and so on mean, read Hall’s article.)

To get started, sign into the EC2 Management Console.

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